writing back

Dear Friends,
I apologize for not responding to your sweet comments sooner. I think I have now, finally caught up. Look back on previous posts if you feel that you’ve been ignored in the past few weeks! 

Also, I am replying to emails and letters this week…I think I’m nearly caught up, so if you’re expecting one, it should at least be on it’s way.

Other than that, I am hoping to practice the piano before my lesson tomorrow (that has been sadly neglected—to the cringing point!) and clean up my room. Sabrina’s side is a tidy overflow of pots of pans, towels and sheets from her shower. Last night there was a terrible encounter between her toe and a cookie sheet after lights-out. 

As far as *my* side of the room, I have no excuse for the piles of books, paper, clothes etc. that has accumulated on both sides of a pathway other than that my mind has been everywhere but here lately. 

What are you up to?


(photo from LIFE magazine)

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