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Yesterday was my twenty-first birthday and it was wonderful. Started off with church, during which time we were introduced to the music minister we’ve been praying for for years. Then back home for a light lunch and chatting, hanging out. Then gifts! My family is so sweet and generous. I got several cute outfits, a couple of movies, books and CDs. I also got some cute decorative stuff for my room and…last but not least, a new phone! I was very surprised and happy. After that we had a delicious meal as a family and the traditional chocolate cake with chocolate-pecan frosting. Then we watched My Favorite Wife and photographed the super moon! It was exquisite.

One of the things I enjoyed about this birthday, was seeing who remembered that it was my birthday! I don’t have my birthday on Facebook or anything like that, so it was neat to see who remembered to give me good wishes. I don’t have hard feelings toward those who didn’t wish me a happy birthday…I hardly remember any birthdays outside of my immediate family, but those who did remember made my day extra special.

It is three of those extra special people who are about to receive the three prizes I am giving away. Thanks to everyone who shared about the Legacy House Fundraiser and Give-Away on social media, those who entered by liking the page or donating money. That meant a lot to me and I feel certain your funds and efforts will become a great harvest. And now for the lucky three winners, all special to me!

For the “Family is Forever” poster from I would like to congratulate Cynthia (no last name necessary…she’s my own beautiful mom!) I promise I did not rig this!  The lovely Caitlin Giles!!!

For the “flock together” love bird from Noon Day Collection I’d like to congratulate one of my long-lastingest blog followers, Mr. Gil Rognstad!

And for the copy of Darling Magazine, the lovely Dee Kraft! (And she also happens to be my aunt, but no rigging-I promise!)

Thanks again for the wonderful birthday! Enjoy the prizes!

Everly Pleasant

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