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I have recently made an effort to be a more positive person, particularly in regards to others. I want to be less critical, more encouraging. We cannot condemn the world (that is, unbelieving people) because they don’t have grace. Therefore, as Christians, we often condemn one another. This is equally as foolish. Instead of bickering about our differences, I believe that we should focus on what we have in common: Jesus. And Jesus wouldn’t want His body to be divided. Rather He wants us to be unified in love for one another, encouraging one another daily and not tearing one another down. What is The Church doing right? I love to hear what others have to say in this regard. Though the truth needs to be known about Christians who have strayed (for we do have a responsibility to reach out to those brothers and sisters) that should not be our emphasis. This is a beautiful family we were adopted into and we should be eternally grateful.

I love to hear positive words about church (with a lowercase c) as well. Do you love your church/pastor/small group/church friends? Do you learn and grow and sing and listen?

I find this video very inspiring. Young people who aren’t afraid of taking Christ’s name and being a part of this crazy family.

Donald Miller on “How and Why I Stay in the Dysfunctional Family of God”

Mary DeMuth on “When God Makes you Eat your Words about Church”

C. S. Lewis on “Is Going to Church¬†Necessary?”¬†

Li’l ol’ me on “Reaons Not to Go to Church”, “Reasons to Go to Church” and “Vintage Church”.

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