right where we want her

colonial feet

We’re not sure where Jubilee has gone, but there’s an “old fashioned girl” who has been hanging around here a lot. She washes her clothes on a washboard and hangs them on a line. She speaks in a British accent. She uses proper manners at the table. And she reads…a lot. Before the rest of us get up in the morning. Until she’s told to turn out her light at night (or “blow out her candle” that is!) “Little House in the Big Woods,” “Tum-Tum and Nutmeg”, “American Girl” books are being devoured day-by-day. She picked up my copy of “Seven Day Magic” today and burst right through words like “apologetically.” All of this reading is really improving her vocabulary. Last night when she didn’t want to put sheets on her bed, she was “feeling ill-mannered.”

Reading, playing “olden days,” taking her fairy dolls to the back yard to build houses…we’ve go this chick right where we want her. Nearby.

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