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“Good Boy (Little Orphan at the Train)” by Norman Rockwell

I didn’t mean to, but I suddenly started reading a ton on poverty and the church’s response lately. I guess that when we “don’t mean to” get so interested in something God’s doing in the world, He’s doing something in us that we didn’t see coming.

Here are a few links I’ve recently run across God has recently brought to my attention. They may contradict each other, but that might be a good thing. They all come from people who confess the name of Christ and we can learn from each of them individually in order to construct our own thoughts and beliefs on the subject.

Caring for the Poor while living in the Good Ol’ U. S. of A. (see Heather’s other posts on the subject here…scroll to the bottom of the post)

Projecting Poverty where it Doesn’t Exist (Steve Saint, son of Nate Saint, has a great point)

A Poverty Theology Parable (Mark Driscoll’s parable rings true in this heart…read it for yourself)

My Closet, My Purse, My Heart  (one girl has a heart transplant at the Dollar Tree)


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