new and pink

{written over a week ago…was waiting on photos!)

Well, it’s official. My room is pink.

So are my arms, my legs and feet for that matter. And I’m sure my hair got a few highlights as well. My favorite colors have always been pink and rainbow (after pink, I can’t decide what I like best) and it’s been a strange turn of events that have kept me from ever having a pink bedroom. Well, a year ago, my sister/roommate got married and moved out. I vowed during her engagement that I would redecorate the room once I had it to myself. Out would go her favorite color (green) and in would come some pink at last.

(No offense to said sister or the color green, I adore you both.)

Finally, inching up to the anniversary of my sister’s wedding, I have painted my room pink. I bought three samples of paint and put big squares up above my desk and bed. After a few days with those, I decided I didn’t want any of them and went a bought paint without ever having sampled the color. It was called “Tulip” and I’m rawther fond of it already.

As I lay in bed last night (in a half-pink room) I thought about why I love pink. What is it that attracts me to that color? Green is the color of life. Red is bold strength. Blue is other-worldly. Yellow is happy. Why pink?

And then it came to me. Pink is newness.

Pink is a sunrise.

Pink is a newborn baby.

Pink is a fresh rosebud.

Pink is a new lover’s cheek.


I love it. I love the youthful, hopeful potential of it. I love that it is almost red but for now, just happy to be pink.

Maybe I’m reading into the color a bit, but isn’t color a perception? Isn’t everything we’re attracted to a matter of association? I am happy to have this new color all around. It tickles me pink.


Overly punny,



2 Responses to new and pink

  1. Elisabeth Allen October 26, 2012 at 11:33 am #

    Hah, what do you know, MY room is pink too! :) My sister and I painted it ourselves – each believing that we, personally, did most of the work! :D I love your list of reasons to like to like pink. I love that it’s the colour of sunrise and sunset and blossom.

  2. Gretchen Louise October 4, 2012 at 9:14 pm #

    Love it. Absolutely love it.

    You know our “Uncle Bill” (not really uncle but a second cousin once removed or something!) used to call our house “passionate pink”? :)

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