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Today I started reading “Tortured for Christ” by Richard Wurmbrand, founder of Voice of the Martyrs. I have long had a fearful desire to read his account of being imprisoned and tortured for sharing the Gospel in communist Romania. I am already four chapters in and don’t plan to stop reading now, but I couldn’t wait to share this snippet with you. I am fascinated by his missional techniques and the bit about having a Mormon as U.S. president? Well, it somehow seemed timely.

“Some missions directors seem to have studied little church history. How was Norway won for Christ? By winning King Olaf. Russia first had the gospel when its king, Vladimir, was won. Hungary was won by winning St. Stephen, its king. The same with Poland. In Africa, where the chief of the tribe has been won, the tribe follows.

…We must win rulers, leaders in politics, economics, science, and the arts. They mold the souls of men. Winning them, you win the people they lead and influence. From the missionary point of view, communism has an advantage over other social systems in that it is more centralized. If the President of the U.S. were converted to Mormonism, America would not become Mormon because of it. But if Communist government leaders were converted to Christianity, perhaps their whole country could be reached. So great is the impact of leaders.”

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