Goodbye, Clickety-Clack

We've Moved!

Dear, Dear Readers,

This is not goodbye. I repeat, this is NOT goodbye. And it’s not even au revoir. You and I will be together at my new blogging home, Sweet is the Light, which you can find at We are only walking through the empty rooms (and not so empty rooms) of an old house, breathing in the dust and familiar smells of almost nine years of writing in one place, and walking out the door for the last time.

It’s not emotional for me or anything.

The other thing we’re doing together (because you’re with me, right? RIGHT?) is learning to call me by a new name. I started going by Everly Pleasant in 2007 when I finally convinced my parents to let me start a Blog Spot. They weren’t keen on me sharing personal information online, so I created a pen name. It’s 2016, I’m twenty-three years old and we’ve realized there is no such thing as privacy online. On Sweet is the Light, I’ll be going by my full name, my real name: Caroline Rose Kraft. You can call me Caroline.

Or if you want, you can still call me Everly. I mean, it’s super confusing for everyone and still so sentimental to me, so just do what you want. But for the sake being grown-up and clear and organized and totally professional, I’m using my legal name everywhere now.

In other news, I’m very excited about this fresh start. The blog was designed by the talented Charlotte Boyer. She has so many gifts, from designing website to singing with The Boyer Family Singers! Give her website a little love. The behind the scenes was made possible by the noted Gretchen Louise, who continually blows my mind with her skills in coding, writing and, since visiting her late last year, being a wonderful farmer’s wife, mother and homemaker. If you’re a blogger, you definitely need to sign up for her “tips” newsletters.

At Sweet is the Light, I’ll still be blogging about everything I’ve always blogged about…adoption, gender equality, my kooky family and the God who loves me. I might be blogging about adoption a little more than I have in the recent past, as I’m closing Pineapple Siblings as well and kind of combining both sites into one.

There is a new Facebook page, a new email address and I’m opening Instagram up for my readers for the first time, so you can follow me there as well. Please be nice…I had a hard time letting that personal space go! (My handle is @carolinerosekraft)

You can subscribe to receive Sweet is the Light posts in your email, but if you’ve already been subscribing to Clickety-Clack, you will find you continue to hear from me as usual. If you experience any problems with the emails or website, etc, please let me know!

And now, I close the door on this wonderful, influential chapter. Clickety-Clack will remain standing as a monument and reference point for some time, but I hope you follow me through a brand new door and into a new home. Walk through the yellow entryway, down the hall a bit to the wood-paneled study. There’s a lovely, golden afternoon sun coming through the sheer curtains, a small vase of hydrangeas on the desk, lots of colorful books all around and me, Caroline, clickety-clacking on the keys. I turn and see you, a familiar face, in the doorway and smile. Welcome to my home.

See you there,

Caroline Rose Kraft

One Response to Goodbye, Clickety-Clack

  1. Gretchen Louise January 20, 2016 at 6:07 pm #

    I will probably always refer to you as Everly by default. But I love that you’re embracing personal branding. And your new site is beautiful. Welcome home!

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