good times: photos

Dear You,
My last post was a little drab. No apologies here, just telling it like it is. Sometimes life is drab. But sometimes it can be positively blissful. Let’s focus on those times tonight, shall we?

The darling Eliza Love is a great friend of ours. Ten months ago she moved eight hours away.
It was sad. We cried. But she was kind enough to spend her Spring Break with us!

For a moment, all was right in the world…
Stepping out.

Eliza and I. And rootbeer. I repeat: ROOTbeer.
Good times outside with Mr. Lizardio

I’m never going to get over that nose.

Or those lashes. 

Can you guess who’s hiding in the hammock?

Yup. We’re pretty obsessive about photographing this chick.

She’s quite thoughtful when it comes to birthdays.
Springtime yard work! Now that we’ve actually gotten rain, we have to mow again!
Isn’t Sam just the cutest?
Feelin’ manly.

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