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Rambellwood @ Eyrie Park

Another dream just came true! After roughly six years of following each other’s blogs, I finally got to meet Emma and Johanna Ramsey of A Banner of Crimson today! They came (along with Grace and James) just for the day, in order for James to tour our local university…and to grace us with their presence. It was really a wonderful day, I’m so glad it happened. Those girls radiate grace. I’ve “seen” them walk through much trial so gracefully, to extend grace to others, to accept the grace of God in their everyday lives. I guess it isn’t any wonder one of them is named Grace. I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful new chapter in our friendship. Our “reunion” certainly met up to my expectations and left me very happy…and very tired from talk-talk-talking. The lovely Birdie snapped these. We liked them unedited, so you get them tonight! I’m hoping Johanna will send me the ones she took as well (hint, hint!)

Alright, enough gushing for one night.





the scoop on the wedding (part two)

(Read Part One here)


Dear Friends, 
Many of you have asked to hear about the wedding, and though I owe some of you letters, I thought I’d write it up while it was fresh on my mind and I had some free time. And then, why not just post it here? I’ll write the letters for sure, but for now, you get this report! We will have the pictures in about 6 weeks, so I’ll be sure to share some of those then. 

I pretty much had to shake the ring off my thumb to give it to the minister, but the eventually did exchange rings, exchange vows (traditional from The Common Book of Prayer) and kiss. I wish I could’ve seen the kiss, but I was, ya know…aligned with them on the stage. Then they walked out to the wedding march and Joey rang the church bell. It was awesome.

Then the groom’s men escorted the bride’s maids out and we circled back around the back entrance to take photos in the church. After a photo shoot (which wasn’t very long, to our relief) we drove down the block to the rose gardens for the reception. We changed out of our heels into flipflops and the couple was introduced.

The rest of the evening we ate delicious food prepared by my aunts and aunt-ish friends. There was all sorts of gourmet finger food. Then we had cake, which was delicious.

After that, we danced. My favorite part was doing the chicken dance. Watching everyone who joined in (both those who knew it before and those who just felt inclined to participate!) was hilarious. We were sweaty by this point, though the sun had gone down and dropped the temperature into the nineties.

I got to sit down with my group of friends and eat a little and then mingle with everyone else. There were so many people that it was just *so* good to see. Some of them I hadn’t seen in a long time, others were dear friends from this chapter whom I was simply glad to share this memory with.

The reception was under a pavilion and a tent, all lit up with paper lanterns and string lights. The decor was also courtesy of my aunts and cousins. There were candles and beautiful green and white flower arrangements–everyone kept commenting on how lovely it was.

Finally it was time for the bride and groom to leave. The entire wedding party, at this point, realized that no one had decorated the car. We still feel really bad about this…but oh well-we were busy!

We all lined up along the pathway that led through a trellis, to my brother-in-law’s car. Many of the guests had left at this time (it was an out-of-town wedding for 100% of us and they had to get home.) When they walked out in their adorable going-away clothes (she in a little white dress and he in a suit and fedora) we all showered them with  hand-fulls of rose petals and cheered. Then a select group ran up and gave them hugs before they cruised away (checking their backseat before pulling out!)

After this, we cleaned up and went home with a trailer full of food and flowers. It was 4:00 Monday morning before I went to bed, but I was still on an adrenalin high. I am so glad that I didn’t have to get up for work that morning like so many others did! 

Monday was very relaxing. Waking up all alone was strange because I knew that it wasn’t Sabrina’s place anymore, but for the most part it just felt like she had gotten up earlier than me, which happened a lot in the past!

I had to comfort Molly (Sabrina’s dog) and give her cheese and play with her, tuck her in at night. Fairlight had to put Sabrina’s cat inside when it got dark. Jubilee got to put her toothbrush in the toothbrush holder now that there is an extra slot. Nobody knows what to do with the random ingredients we brought home from the wedding (Sabrina would!)

I haven’t cried at all since then, it’s felt very right and good and peaceful. She’s not gone forever, you know. ;)

We got word that they landed safely at their honeymoon destination and they sounded like they were having a wonderful time.

And I went to work this morning, sleepy as a sloth. We ate wedding food for lunch, I wrote some blog posts and folded some laundry. Life goes on. Good life. Full life. Happy times. I’m very excited for Sabrina’s return so we can talk over everything and also for the pictures to arrive. Six weeks seems like so long.

I have lots of space in the bedroom now. I’m going to move my clothes (many of which have been camping on my floor and chair for a while) into the closet, vacuum and dust and perhaps put spare books into Sabrina’s old chest of drawers. Someday soon I’m going to repaint and all that jazz, but for now, I’ll just be happy to have a clean room that isn’t making me sneeze all the time.

I hope you enjoyed this account. Everything was really, really lovely and your notes have meant much to this little sister. I am as happy as a clover flower (seems like something happy to me!) and really doing well. 

I am hoping to lead a more organized life now that the wedding is behind us. Hopefully that will mean more posts and better posts and lots more life outside of Clickety-Clack.

Much love,

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writing back

Dear Friends,
I apologize for not responding to your sweet comments sooner. I think I have now, finally caught up. Look back on previous posts if you feel that you’ve been ignored in the past few weeks! 

Also, I am replying to emails and letters this week…I think I’m nearly caught up, so if you’re expecting one, it should at least be on it’s way.

Other than that, I am hoping to practice the piano before my lesson tomorrow (that has been sadly neglected—to the cringing point!) and clean up my room. Sabrina’s side is a tidy overflow of pots of pans, towels and sheets from her shower. Last night there was a terrible encounter between her toe and a cookie sheet after lights-out. 

As far as *my* side of the room, I have no excuse for the piles of books, paper, clothes etc. that has accumulated on both sides of a pathway other than that my mind has been everywhere but here lately. 

What are you up to?


(photo from LIFE magazine)

a letter to Miss L.

 I decided to write an email to my friend, Miss L. and it became such an extensive update, I thought I’d share it with you, for lack of better planned posts! Enjoy?

Dear Miss L.,

Forgive the delay. Perhaps this will console your damaged feelings:
Congratulations! You have been chosen to be a means of procrastination! Not that writing you isn’t it important, but there are a few things which I really ought to be doing and I’ve decided to email you instead.

I want to ask you,
How are you?
How is your family?
What have you been busy with?
What has been on your mind?

But I know that you won’t answer those questions until I send this email and walk away, and I really shouldn’t send this email before giving you the answers to the same questions as they apply to me. At least that’s what I would guess you want me to do and that is what I would want you to do if you were me.

If you were me, you would be rather busy. I have such a…bountiful supply of family members, that even if I don’t have a million things planned for myself to do, I end up living a busy life as I am dragged along, included, asked to babysit during etc.

I wouldn’t have it any other way, but it can get complicated and frustrating. For example, five of us have jobs, three of which are part-time and we have three cars. I can’t count the times we’ve stayed up late discussing who can have what car in the morning and who needs to get a ride with whom where!

My mother has a “Book of Life” in which every. single. thing. is written in order that our schedules never (or rarely) collide.

The family has been busy with various things including but not limited to flag football, ballet, pottery classes, piano lessons, babysitting, Bible study, church and many church related activities, getting together with friends, going to job interviews, going to meetings, doing major grocery shopping in preparation for Thanksgiving Day company, Christmas shopping, taking the dog to the groomer, cleaning etc. etc. etc.

Personally, I have been busy with most of the things on the list (if you hadn’t guessed, I am not the football star, but I did try to go to several games) and most of my spare time has been dedicated to The Novel. The Novel, surprisingly enough, is not a piece of writing particularly dear to my heart and thus a vacuum for my every thought and free moment. Nay, The Novel is a timed challenge via which I committed myself to in order to better discipline myself in the more technical side of writing: time and quantity. It has been hard! I knew it would be, and that’s why I’m calling it “a challenge.” I am not good at managing my time (even living by the schedule of ten busy people, I still have more of a go-with-the-flow mentality.) I am currently 11 days behind and that scares me, but I am hoping to take a couple of days to do basically nothing but write between Thanksgiving Day and December 1st. We’ll see how that goes!

Also, to my great surprise, the semester is wrapping up. I guess you feel this more vividly than I do, but to me it means my college Bible study (which meets weekly at Eyrie Park) is coming to a close with a final Christmas party and two of it’s members/my dear friends are leaving town for good. This makes me very sad, but life’s chapters always end with a cliffhanger to the next one and promises of new things to come.

My goodness, I can’t believe it is already getting dark here! The trees of Eyrie Park are mere silhouettes now and dinner is just beginning to smell scrumptious. My dad just came in and turned on the outdoor lights so he could finish a project on the patio. It takes me a long time to get used to this.

The weather has been, for the most part, quite lovely. We had a few days (or weeks?) of what we consider “cold weather” and thus the fireplace was used enough times to need to the ashes cleaned out of it, hot cocoa was drunk and jackets donned, but that didn’t last. Now we are back to short sleeves and jeans, iced tea and walks around in the meadow enjoying the sunshine through bare trees.

In other news:

My parents:
My parents have just got involved in starting an Adoption and Foster Care ministry at our church. We had a lunch to launch the ministry and introduce it to anyone interested just yesterday (Sunday.) I am very excited about this and eager to help in any way I can. The goal of the ministry will be to aid anyone interested in adopting or fostering with resources, support, information and access to Christian organizations who can help them. Also, to support folks who have already adopted (not that adoptive families ever need support—they’re lives are always quite perfect.) *wink.* Then perhaps the ministry will branch out into more orphan ministry, as most orphans around the world are not available for adoption.

Joey (24):
He is working at a coffee roastery and taking philosophy classes from The University of London and Oxford. He also recently dominated a poll in our local newspaper in order to see to it that Pearls Before Swine replaced Cathy in our daily comics. He was successful.
She is working with me at our church nursery part time and is the hired cook for our family five days a week. She makes absolutely delectable lunches and dinners and currently working on a torte, so complicated it feels like math when she talks about (and she always becomes giddy when she talks about it.) She is dating a fella from out of town, so she spends much of her time waiting for the occasional weekend upon which he is able to come up and see her.

Bunny (16):
She is a sophomore at the public high school and has been making new friends lately and doing a plethora of fashion design.

Birdie (15):
She has been doing a consistent babysitting job, taking ballet all on her lonesome and pottery classes with Sabrina and I. She is trying to find her nook in the church, but having a rather hard time of it as she is only in 10th grade but as mature as many people I encounter in the college ministry. And to our delight, she bakes constantly. It rocks.
Samuel (12 as of Saturday)
He has really been making leaps and bounds in every way. He’s shooting up like a beanstalk and has matured noticeably this past year. He is getting involved in church on his own and doing really well being part of the youth group. His flag football season just came to an end, but he had a very fun year. His next challenge: improving his spelling (deemed necessary by his teacher. Ahem, me.)

Willin (9)
Being his usual, goofy self. He’s been in AWANA (Wednesday night church) and doing lessons and shadowing Teeko as usual. Oh, and rather enjoying kids choir.

Jubilee (7)
She actually just finished her own football feat by winning NFL Punt, Pass and Kick! She won two competitions and then went to Houston where she placed fourth in her division! The best part was getting to go on a weekend trip with Joey and stay in a real hotel, eat at restaurants and get a giant bucket of popcorn at the Texans game. Oh, and she’s still hilarious, 24/7.

You don’t have to respond to every bit of this…once I got started, I just kept going and decided that I would copy and paste this onto my blog to update all those people as well! Might as well, eh?

Hope all is well with you and yours and look forward to any information you choose to trust me with. ;)

Love, Everly

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