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Anthropologie ALWAYS has cute stuff:

They have lots of butterflies right now. I love butterflies.

Isn’t this room adorable? I’ve been eyeing that wardrobe for a long time.

Okay…my other pictures vanished. I can’t post more right now, so just feast your eyes on these two pictures. :)


I don’t know why I love this scene so…

“Lonesome Polecat” from “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”

As I said, I don’t know why I love it so much…it is just really cool…I always expect them to get off beat…but they don’t! We like to reenact this scene while doing yard work.

By the way, Birdie’s party went really well! Now it is just three days until Sabrina’s!

Pictures soon!



A Change of Weather

For a girl whose fear is change itself, even rain after sunshine can shake her fragile heart.

Yesterdays were sunny and today mellow, wet, gloomy, our yard like a marsh. I think that any moment I will see Puddleglum the Marsh-wiggle. The sound of my sister’s rubber boots (which I am wearing) grinding against wet gravel and sand, the irritating surprise of a splash on the back of the neck, runny pink nose and cold ears and grey doves on grey twigs against grey skies. This can get to me.

I love rain sometimes when it smells so sweet and brings rainbows, passes after a couple hours and is dried up by a big, bright sunshine, but other times it pulls me down with the same gravity that brings the drips to the ground.

Change is what the devil threatens me with most commonly, he tells me that it’s frightening and evil and lo! This thing which is so scary is happening right now! It will never stop. This river keeps flowing forever and the rains encourage them. But the birds still come out when it rains. At this moment I can see the grey skies and a grey twig but on it is a ruby-red Cardinal standing out on his pewter backdrop. The mail still comes and takes my letters to the homes of friends. The vacuum cleaner still hums, singing the traditional song of Mondays passed and Mondays to come. The Resurrection Ferns grow happier still with each drizzle, reminding us of the holiday around the corner. Change isn’t of Lucifer, but of Christ. Change is what he brought, sameness, placidity is what Lucifer wants. He wanted our children to stay in Haiti, stay in that deep pool of hardship and evil and hate and pain and voodoo and misery. But they didn’t. Stay in your home, don’t venture out, stay quiet, don’t go tell It on the mountain, hide under your bed and let everything stay just the way he wants it. Don’t revolt, don’t rebel. Accept the way it is in this world which he is the ruler of. So we put up our umbrellas against the change of weather.

But no, change is on its way. The rains are falling and the sun will come out and then perhaps the wind will blow or we’ll get blazing hot weather, but everything changes, night and day, March will pass and April promises to come just like last year and the year before.

Little cousins will pass me up in height, friendships will wither and sprout again, we will be wounded and healed only to be wounded (and healed) again. Clouds will rain, pick it up and drop it all over again.

But each time I see the Jubilee’s baby pajamas my throat stings, and pictures of people who are no longer on this planet make my eyes tear, but change isn’t to be feared.

When someone has such a wonderful family as I do, such a blessed childhood as I had (am having?) and so many precious memories, change worries us. What could be better? Change must only bring worse…right? No. Heaven will be better than earth, fifteen has been better than fourteen, this house works better than our old house did. Sure, sometimes I miss those people, places, sentimental objects of my past, but I can’t let them hold me back. I can’t keep one foot on 1998 or 2007 and one here also. I must have two feet on this ground! There’s enough to handle in the here and now!

And during the writing of this entry, already the rain has stopped. I think that perhaps the skies are brightening.

My First Entry

Hello Readers (if you exsist),
This is my first entry and it shall be somewhat brief. Firstly, thank you dearly for reading this.
Please enjoy my further postings! They are on their way. On this blog I will ramble about random things that are on my mind or happening in my life, but I don’t think it will be unbarably boring, so stay connected.
You know little about me so I will go ahead and say a couple of things:

1. I am a highschool student by age but don’t go to school. I am self-educated at home (commonly known as homeschooled or unschooled.)

2. I have four sisters and three brothers. Four of my siblings were adopted from Haiti just over a year ago. The ages of my siblings range from four to twenty-one. I love them all. :)

3. My life is dedicated to Jesus Christ…therefore so is my writing

4. As I said-I am a writer…so read on!

5. Oh! And you can call me Everly Pleasant


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