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“just write” (about the wedding!)

Today, I’m just writin’. Kind of like just walkin’ around the backyard or just swingin’ on the tree swing or just doodlin’ on a piece of clean, white paper. You know, the things I did so frequently when I was younger. They’re really my favorite kind of things to do, but because they have no end result in sight, I rarely find them on my to-do list.

But life isn’t all about to-do lists. And the end result of doing the things we enjoy is that I’m happier. And if that isn’t enough, I’m healthier too, and less prone to worry, stress or gripe. It’s good for me. Especially when it’s writing, because writing is my hobby, my gift, my calling, my goal. 

Sometimes I need to just write.

The Wedding

Sunday was Sabrina’s wedding. Last night I looked through my journal and saw that everything I’d asked God to give us on that day was given to us. It was a fun day at home, doing hair and make-up, eating sandwiches and playing with my cousin’s baby. I am battling a cold (which I keep telling people I “took from” Sabrina so that she could get married) but other than that, I felt well and happy. The photographer was there, so sweet and helpful, snapping pictures of us laughing and chatting over hot curling irons, hundreds of bobby-pins and clouds of hairspray.

It wasn’t until I watched my mother help Sabrina into her wedding gown that the emotions began to surge. She looked so beautiful and it was overwhelming to think that she was getting dressed for the actual wedding. After all these years, we weren’t pretending or imagining anymore. 

After the “chill” first half of the day, we began to get a little rushed, but made it to the gardens in time for a few bride’s maids pictures and then-of course-to the church on time. I began to feel really nervous as we stood outside of the small, Baptist church and watched guests flow through the doors. There is no foyer in this church, so the bridal party was standing out in the heat (102 degrees, I believe) waiting for the time to come.

I held my bouquet of calla lilies in both hands and my brother-in-law’s ring on my thumb and took deep breaths. Sabrina waited patiently with her green roses and grinned. Was it really happening?

There was the music, our cue. The first bride’s maid walked in, the second. I couldn’t believe I was already being motioned in. I walked down the isle, smiling (I think?) and wondering if I was walking too fast. Before I knew it, I was at my place by the stage and the ceremony was beginning. 

Watching my dad walk Sabrina down the isle was so sweet. Definitely the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen, and so, so happy. Daddy was emotional, but controlled and very proud of his little daughter. I was so mesmerized, I completely forgot to look at her fiance’s face! That’s usually my favorite part of the wedding. I guess I’ll just have to see the pictures. 

Things went very smoothly throughout the ceremony (with the exception of one groom’s men nearly falling off the stage backwards…it was a good save.) My only problem was waterworks. When I would look at the couple, I would get teary. When I would look at my parents, I would get teary. When I would look out at everyone in attendance, I would make eye-contact with someone and inevitably get teary. This, plus the cold, equaled lots of sniffing. Mommy was kind enough to slip me a Kleenex just in time.

My favorite part (and I heard many others say the same) was communion. The attendants served communion as everyone filed past and partook. It was really sweet just taking The Lord’s Supper with so many loved ones, but also neat to see everyone individually as they walked up to the stage and dipped their wafer in the goblet. I had to keep myself from exclaiming upon the sight of certain friends.

Meanwhile, an amazing soloist sang “All Creatures of Our God and King.” 

(Part Two on the way…)


blessed, loved, contented

826. my brother-in-law

827. my sister: a beautiful bride

828. so many friends-old and new coming to support and celebrate with us

829. two families uniting so peacefully and happily

830. those stained glass windows throwing rainbows all over the sanctuary

831. that kleenex my mother had handy to slip to me on the stage!

832. my uncle and my brother-in-law’s father officiating the wedding

833. Jubilee-beautiful flower maiden

834. last-minute pianist’s beautiful music

835. rose petals, rose petals, rose petals

836. hearing all the nice things my brother-in-law’s friends had to say about him

837. seeing everyone file by for communion

838. an aunt and cousin who know how to work wonders in hair and make-up

839. aunts and aunt-ish friends who know how to cook amazing food and decorate beautifully

840. seeing the grins on the happy couple last all through the ceremony and reception

841. wedding bells

842. dancing

843. cake

844. tea, punch and coffee

845. “can I have this recipe?”

846. my brave and wonderful parents

847. doing the chicken dance with all ages

848. going from heels to flip flops for the reception

849. everybody working together to clean up

850. text from Sabrina: “We’re on the plane!”


the time has come

She’s packed up her honeymoon suitcase, had her nails done. 
Watched a smooth rehearsal and listened to her toasts at the delicious rehearsal dinner.
Then she kissed her fiance goodbye for the last time, for tomorrow he’ll be her husband!

Can we believe it? I think not.


Jubilee Turns Eight

I remember when she was squishy and spoke Creole!!!
And now, she’s eight years old…and not squishy anymore!
She was pretty excited about her Princess Party…
as were we. :)
This is my personal favorite part: the mice from Cinderella making an entrance.
She got her own barbies! (We found really cute ones!)
And we all slipped and slid! :)



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