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Dance the night away…

Monday night was the teen dance.

I was nervous having not been to one in nearly a year and haven’t practiced any dances since then. But we went, Sabrina, Tessa, Rita, Elizabeth, Skye and I. It was fun! I am glad we went despite the awkward moments. These dances are just oozing with awkward moments, but in the end I don’t regret going. Some of the people are really cool…others are to be avoided unless you want to end up having an anxiety attack. If you want to hear more about this, check out Tessa’s top ten awkward dance moments at
Anyway, we spend most of the time sitting sipping drinks in the sanctuary of the Unitarian church (not that we GO to that church) chatting amongst ourselves and making pretend matches for our friends. We all agree that this one guy likes Sabrina…except Sabrina herself. And then there was this guy who was funny and “free styled” the whole time which was quite entertaining. Contrary to common belief, I am NOT madly in love with him. I stubbed my toe really hard and it swelled up and went all cold. I skipped a few dances but was able to get up the strength to dance the last waltz…which is my favorite.
We usually have to run to the bathroom 2-7 times to avoid particular awkward moments, people, dances or situations. The bathrooms smell really bad and the rooms you have to walk through to get there are creepy with statues and books and brochures which list all of types of people they accept there and all the different books you may hear preached from in their sermons (the bible, the Koran, the book of Mormon etc.) But, the lady who leads it rents out their building and so all of these Christian homeschooling kiddos come and jig.
But over all, we had a fun time, danced to fun songs and overcame our embarrassment by watching our chums do the same embarrassing things.
Have a lovely day (only five until Christmas)
Everly Pleasant

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