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Enough with the orphans!

Above is a illustration from Daddy-long-legs.

I love this book. It is one of my favorites. It is about an orphan girl who gets a once in a life time chance to go to college due to the kindness of an orphanage trustee. I have no problem with the fact that the main character of this book is an orphan. But, one of my messages in Claire’s Education is that a good book about a young girl can be written without the character’s parents dying! Though her parents are uninvolved so far, the fact that they are living is a step forward. I have been trying to find a book to read to my five youngest siblings and I thought, let’s not do an orphan book this time. I feel like we can overdose on orphan stories, especially since four of these five siblings are adopted and there are surely other great stories out there. This is what I discovered as a browsed my bookshelf:
Anne of Green Gables
The Secret Garden
A Little Princess
Eight Cousins
The Quiet Little Woman
Bed knob and broom stick
Peter Pan
The Series of Unfortunate Events
Fly By Night
The mysterious Benedict society
Harry Potter
The thief lord

Notice any pattern?!?!
Though these books are on my bookshelf because I like them (all except a couple which I have yet to read), I find it a tad silly that such a large percentage of children’s books are about orphans. I, as an authoress, understand this because I have had writing experiences when parents get in the way. The story is more interesting when the children make their own decisions and do things their own way and make it in the end with little to no guidance. But, I did find and choose a book which includes parents (The coat hanger Christmas tree by Eleanor Estes) and chose to write Claire’s Education about a girl who has parents. I still love those orphan books and will end up reading more orphan books to the kids in the future I am sure, but I thought it was worth noting. Also, I have lived at an orphanage and I would like to end this post by saying: Don’t believe that everything about orphanages are romantic and story bookish. Somethings are like the books…other things are not.
Everly Pleasant

Lukens Poetry

Little Things
A spider is a little thing,
But once a spider saved a king,
The little bees are wiser far
Than buffaloes or lions are…
The little pen may write a word
By which a nation shall be stirred.
A little money wisely spent,
A world of sorrow may prevent
A little counsel, rightly given,
May lift a sinful soul to Heaven…
A little fault, if left to grow,
An emperor may overthrow,
A little word but spoke in jest,
May rob your neighbor of his rest,
A little selfishness and pride
The kindest family may divide.
Little vices many time
Out-Herod felonies and crimes,
And little virtues in the sum
Great excellencies do become.
The Lukens sisters were such big fans of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, that they began their own little newspaper called Little Things. In it they published this poem. Miss Alcott was so pleased with this that she wrote multiple short stories for their magazine. Isn’t it nice?
Everly Pleasant

Trixie Belden and the mystery of the microwave murderer

Well Everyone,
As I’ve mentioned before, my mom reads us a few chapters from a book everyday. Most recently she’s been reading “Trixie Belden and the Mystery at Happy Valley.” Jeepers! It was golly-gee good! It was just swell! All of the characters were neato and as for the plot-no soap!
If you have any idea what I’m saying, you either:
A. Have the “Leave it to Beaver” DVD collection
B. Have read Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys or something like this…or…
C. Are really, really old

Other than that, I’ve been cleaning up the two old doll houses that Granny gave us and enjoying this nice weather we’ve been having. When I woke up this morning, the Internet wasn’t working and the microwave was dead. My first thought was to blog about it, but I found it difficult to blog without using the Internet. Jubilee’s first thought was that if our appliances go dead she can play with them. Yippee! Well, obviously the Internet came back to life but we are still heating up left-overs on the stove. We just had to buy a great big ancient monitor to use for our laptop because the screen went out. It’s usually the dryer!

Well, I am craving one of those Honey crisp apples we bought and the sunshine has a way of luring me out of anything else I should be doing but sitting/playing outside. Tootles,

Everly P.

Oh! P.S.
Thanks everyone for their votes. Last night I entered “When the creek runs dry” in the contest but I’m not getting my hopes up. In 6 months I can enter another so if you have unspoken feed-back, go ahead and hand it over.


Simple Little Things

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee, One clover, and a bee . . .
-Emily Dickinson
I hope that this entry finds everyone in the best of health. ;) Isn’t that a darling little bee? It looks cute in that picture with the poem beneath but it brings me less than “darling” memories. My first impression of this bee when discovered in my mother’s flower bed was that it was very photogenic, but after chasing it around the bush with a lense for ten minutes I was exhausted! The term “busy bee” was never so true. It would pose perfectly on a bloom and then as soon as I was focused, zoom off. Oh well, I hope you enjoy the picture anyway.
Yesterday my mother read to us (Sabrina, Birdie, Bunny, Sam and I) while the “babies” (who aren’t babies any longer) napped. I adore this time. It’s always a break in our day. We sit in the living room-on the couch, in the arm chairs, each of the pillows on a lap-under a chin. Someone is always without a pillow, but if we scootch together we can make due. We may fold laundry or watch the birds eating seed on the deck or play with the strings on the end of our shorts and then, Mommy sits down. Always in the brown chair. She has a glass of ice water with the folded napkin stuck to the bottom with moisture. Everyone, even the listeners clears their throat. When seating is settled she begins to read and ten eyes lock on random things as we drift into Narnia or Mandelion or London or Happy Valley. The voice goes up in down like the sway of a tree branch. A different tone for each character. And everyone is cozy and happy and listening and every one’s hearing the same thing and pondering the same mysteries and anticipating the same chapters and loving the same characters and shivering at the same villainsevery one’s content. This happens every day.
After reading, I asked to borrow my mother’s camera-seeing as I don’t have one of my own :(.
I went outside with Birdie and Bunny and Sam (it is really weird using every one’s online nicknames still) and four bowls of Blue Bell Ice Cream to sit by the pond. As soon as mine was gone I went into a photo craze! I walked all over our property and didn’t stop until the card was full. I still have no clue how long I was out there. First Birdie went inside to practice guitar, then Bunny, but Sam stayed with my and followed me around to help. He was also quite the model. ;)
Must do dishes! More later, Everly and always Pleasant


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