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Lukens Poetry

Little Things
A spider is a little thing,
But once a spider saved a king,
The little bees are wiser far
Than buffaloes or lions are…
The little pen may write a word
By which a nation shall be stirred.
A little money wisely spent,
A world of sorrow may prevent
A little counsel, rightly given,
May lift a sinful soul to Heaven…
A little fault, if left to grow,
An emperor may overthrow,
A little word but spoke in jest,
May rob your neighbor of his rest,
A little selfishness and pride
The kindest family may divide.
Little vices many time
Out-Herod felonies and crimes,
And little virtues in the sum
Great excellencies do become.
The Lukens sisters were such big fans of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, that they began their own little newspaper called Little Things. In it they published this poem. Miss Alcott was so pleased with this that she wrote multiple short stories for their magazine. Isn’t it nice?
Everly Pleasant

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