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My Favorite and my Best: Books for Young Ladies

Since I fully intend to sprinkle other posts in with my studies of patience, I thought I’d share with you a list of books I’ve found helpful or inspirational in my plight toward womanhood. Enjoy!

Beautiful Girlhood (Hale)

Little Women / Good Wives (Alcott)

Eight Cousins / Rose In Bloom (Alcott)

Passion and Purity (Elliot)

Captivating: Unveiling the mystery of a woman’s soul (Eldredge)

The Anne Series (Montgomery)

I Kissed Dating Goodbye (Harris)

The Weight of Glory (Lewis)



Making Friends of Books

I wrote to you in May a short list of various books my siblings and I were reading. I thought it would be fun to have a recap and see what everyone has moved onto! Personally, I have not had the pleasure of reading much lately, but I’m sure I have a few to add to the list.

Sabrina (19):

Everly: (17)

Bunny (15):

Birdie (14):

Samuel (10-almost-11):

Willin (8):
“Stuart Little” by E. B. White (I am reading this aloud to him)

Jubilee (6):

What Mommy has been reading aloud to all of us (highly acclaimed at Eyrie Park) :

Everly Pleasant

burdened with blessings

“Polly had fully intended to be very miserable and cry herself to sleep, but when she lay down at last her pillow seemed very soft, her little room very lovely, with the fire-light flickering on all the homelike objects and her new blown roses breathing her a sweet goodnight. She no longer felt an injured, hardworking, unhappy Polly, but as if quite burdened with blessings for which she wasn’t half grateful enough.”
An Old Fashioned Girl
Louisa May Alcott


About the author

I’ve been thinking lately (who’s surprised?)

Is a writer always reflected through his or her work? I think that they always should be. I mean, if you aren’t reflecting yourself or your beliefs, aren’t you put on a front?

If you haven’t guessed, it was the comments on my post; “Everly’s Reading:” that got me thinking. I posted that I am reading “Anne of Windy Poplars” and someone, in the comment box, mentioned “the author’s eventual fate.” Yes, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Lucy Maud Montgomery is thought to have committed suicide. We discussed this a little, along with Montgomery’s other beliefs, in the comments. Is it right to read her books? Well, that’s up to you. I have mixed feelings on this. No, not really mixed feelings, but I believe that this is a case-by-case decision. For example, I don’t want to read the childrens’ books written by all of those celebrities who lead immoral lives (Madonna, Jay Leno etc.) I just don’t feel good about that, knowing that they are probably just writing for money, or with some sort of agenda that I wouldn’t agree with. But, one of my favorite musical artists leads a life I don’t agree with. Rufus Wainwright (there-I said it!) who has some songs which I would never buy or listen to, also has some beautiful songs…some of my favorites. But, it is a well-known fact that Mr. Wainwright is homosexual. Now, if I thought that the money for his cds was going toward gay rights, I wouldn’t buy them, but I don’t think they are. Do I think that they are supporting a gay man? Absolutely, but I don’t have a problem with that. As I said in my previous post, we are all sinners. If I buy Sally Smith’s cd (what-you’ve never heard of her?) then I am supporting another sinner. Perhaps Sally is a gambler or a drug addict-I can’t know. On the other hand, my good friend recently deleted the songs by musical artist Chris Brown from her ipod after reading the headlines about him beating his girlfriend and being arrested for it. We all have personal convictions. Sometimes we need to draw the line, I believe. Other times, we need to understand that it simply doesn’t matter. Hey, Louisa May Alcott was a feminist, Edgar Allen Poe a drunken lunatic, Lewis Carroll is thought to be a druggie, J. M. Barrie neglected his wife and, have you ever read the bible? Yes, it was written by cheating tax collectors and persecutors of Christians. Would you buy your own book?
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Antique Beauties

On Saint Lucia’s Day, you may recall a little adventure we had.We had planned to go to a living history inn but it was closed. Here are a few snapshots from the antique shop we visited as an alternative.

As you know, I adore antiques-especially books. I desperately wanted this ancient copy of “Anne of Green Gables,” but I couldn’t justify buying a book that I already have three copies of. :)
Here were some pretty O. Henry books. I just discovered recently that I rather like O.
This is a tragical beauty to be sure! It was a very old copy of “Little Women” which was falling apart. It was apparently in a fire at one point. I wonder who pulled it out?
Here’s another angle.
Everly Pleasant


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