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Keeping Secrets

As a child,

“keeping a secret” usually involved kindergarten crushes, picking noses or Christmas presents.

And now days it usually involves high school crushes, guilty venting or Christmas presents.

And I have very few of these. I tell Sabrina most everything and even then, there are only a handful of things that only she knows. I am not hiding much. But today I was thinking, and I came to the conclusion that there are some situations where you should keep things to yourself..or between you and God rather. Sometimes, when you have a spiritual experience I think that it should often times be kept in your heart.

Luke 2:19 says But Mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart. Obviously, this was not a secret. God included this in the bible, but we don’t know what she pondered. God knows, but we don’t. She kept this thoughts to herself, these thoughts on being the young virgin mother of Jesus Christ. I do have these types of secrets, the type that are from God to me and not for others to know. Now, I understand that sometimes things are to be let out…I believe strongly in this, but I do also believe in exceptions. Some things are just between you and God and aren’t to be shared, either because other people wouldn’t understand or because it would be seen as bragging about your relationship with God or any other reason. Sometimes, if I feel like I’ve done something impressive, I feel like keeping it to myself as a sign to myself of selflessness. Sure, it is tempting to brag, but that is, of course, wrong.

Also, somewhere in the bible (though I haven’t been able to relocate it) it talks about Paul having a vision (of heaven if I remember correctly) and God tells him to share what he saw with nobody.


It is healthy to keep some secrets
Everly Pleasant ><>

The Billabong

Nearly everyday,
I find some time to sneak off to the pond. It isn’t the biggest pond, nor is it crystal clear or covered with blooming lily pads, but I have grown attached to it. It is full of turtles and minos and Bluegill and tadpoles and frogs and has a quaint looking willow and a lovely stump for sitting on and, most wonderfully, a soothing feeling that comes along with watching the ripples travel across the surface every time a little turtle head pops up or a leaf drops. It’s also in the shade, and anyone who has ever been to The Lone Star State knows what a blessing this is. Anyway, it has become a sort of haven for me. Many times, this is the chosen place for my prayer time. Today, at about four o’clock or so, I grabbed my bible (my little black travel bible is my favorite) and slid out of the house. Once at the pond I had a wonderful time. My conversation with God just went so smoothly…clearer than it had been in a long time. I then began to ponder, just thinking and wondering what The Lord had in mind for my near future and trying to notice any ways that I had overlooked him working in my life. As I did this, a little red ear slider poked up. I smile every time this happens (even if it is frequent) because I think that turtles are so cute…they always have little content smiles themselves. Anyway, I chased it with my eyes as it ducked and bubbled and popped back up again. It was in the reflections of the dark surrounding cedars until it ducked down again and popped up in the reflection of the wispy willow. The willow is not as thick as the cedars so much blue sky was shining between its branches, and when the turtle swam into this brighter reflection, I could no longer see it.
Suddenly, feeling much like a detective, I put this together as an allegory. I realized that I wanted to be just like that pond. I wanted to reflect Jesus so much, so clearly and so brightly that nobody could focus on me. What a godly little turtle that was. ;)


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