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The Poll is closed…

Thanks to everyone who participated in my poll!

The results are that most of my readers call their mothers “Mom” (being three), two say “Mommy” (not including myself), one says “Mama” and nobody calls their mother “mother.”

Well! I find that fasinating!

Thanks again everyone. Any suggestions for my next poll?


This is not political…

Hey Guys!
Thanks to everyone who has voted on my Profile Picture Poll! So far, as you can see, the results are leaning toward “A real picture of me.” My most avid readers/commenters are as following in no particular order:

1. Sabrina Bleu
2. Fairlight Crumb a.k.a. Birdie
3. Lydia S.
4. Lydia Jane
5. Tessa Bainbridge
6. Rita the Lovely Meter Maid

SO! I have probably had a vote from each of you. If you haven’t voted, do so NOW before I close the poll (tomorrow night.) If there are no more votes, I will put a real picture of myself as my profile picture.
Your vote could decide!
Everly Pleasant


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