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Pleasant library and Claire’s Education. Check it out. You’ll probably have plenty of time to catch up with Claire if you’re behind seeing as I am possibly stumped.



I discovered how to make labels for all of my posts! I just spent a really long time going back and tagging each of my posts so that when you read a post you like, you can click on the label below it and read my other posts under that category! They aren’t very well organized, for example, there is only one post under “peace” and there are a million under “sisters” but none under “brothers” etc. So, do your best and maybe I will be more organized from here after.
Ta ta!
p.s. I tagged a lot of things under my last post so that you can see what I mean. :)


Note at 2:18

I sit here at the computer,
Listening the The Righteous Brothers (good old stuff), typing on that book for Birdie and watching the first leaves fall. Soon all the trees will be bare. Anyway, for further notice-The Righteous Brothers and falling leaves is a good combo. ;)

Funny things # 10:
Today at lunch all of the kids began to discuss Halloween costumes. Willin wanted to be a cat but we all shouted suggestions like “Knight! and “Soldier!” to try to encourage something more manly. Sam thought of “a piece of meat” and Willin said that he would eat him. Then Willin, afraid that someone might eat a cat and remembering something he had been told about poisonous plants said “I’ll be a mushroom so that nobody can eat me!”
We all laughed but his idea was ruined when Jubilee said: “I’ll just stomp on you then.”


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