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a little sleepy

I had planned several blog posts before this little lady arrived. Now we are all quite busy…and a little sleepy. Say a prayer for Meggie today? I’ll see you soon.


(p.s. Sorry! We had to remove the cute picture of Meggie for privacy reasons. We’ll share pictures of her again someday soon when she’s officially part of our family.)


what i’m into

Because I’m trying to do more than just allow myself to be sucked into the Internet and obsessively search for answers to all of the latest controversial topics (it’s really not healthy, guys) I’m doing something different today. I love it when other bloggers do stuff like this, so I hope YOU enjoy today’s post. Linking up with HopefulLeigh for a “what I’m into” post. About June. On the 4th of July. Yeah, I’ve been a little crazy lately…


I am reading this as part of a small group I am in this Summer. Wouldn’t have picked it up otherwise, but it has generated good group discussion.

Funny, witty and frustrating in typical Snicket fashion.

Sort of forcefully started reading this to Jubilee when she was sick last week. It’s a childhood favorite of mine that I can’t keep away from. Just…love it.


Entertaining and creative, not an instant classic for my family. Didn’t let Jubilee watch it (she’s pretty easily creeped out) and I think that was a good call. Perfect for Willin (age 11.)

Oh my, loved this one. Made in 1934 but has a modern feel. Very funny, well-done, good story. Not super silly as I expected.

Very funny. Why hadn’t I seen this before? Surprisingly clean, minus some avoidable language. Good movie.

Classic screwball comedy starring Cary Grant, later remade as Move Over Darling with Doris Day and James Garner. Great one!


Very upbeat worship album by up-and-coming Irish band. Recorded solely in homes and other non-studio locations. Enjoyable.

I was initially a little disappointed in Deschanel’s lack of vocal performance, but this is still a great album by one of my favorite bands.


stepping into the sun to warm up

iced tea with lemon

my new lamp

Sam makes some mean chocolate chip banana bars. And then we put a candle in them and let him blow it out. :)

Sam makes some mean chocolate chip banana bars. And then we put a candle in them and let him blow it out. :)

frequent(er) family reunions for Summer birthdays and graduations

having our kitchen sink back

letters from faraway but dear friends

Nice having a family full of photographers. This is my dad taking Birdie's senior pictures...they turned out great!

Nice having a family full of photographers. This is my dad taking Birdie’s senior pictures…they turned out great!

driving all over town and to the neighboring town without having panic attacks

my favorite parking spot at the grocery store

my peeps over to watch a movie and chat it up


The world just needs this right now, yes?

the nest-full of baby wrens in the geranium right outside our front door

rabbits, armadillos, owls, squirrels, possums, raccoons, hawks—every day wildlife

new sneakers

I enjoy sidewalk counseling surrounded by babies and balloons. :)

I enjoy sidewalk counseling surrounded by babies and balloons. :)

learning, learning, every day

small group at Sterling House-nothing like it



Why don’t I paint more often? It’s so much fun.


I have been talking, reading and writing about modesty for a couple of months now, but this about sums things up.

(Excerpt: “Historically, women did not expect clothing from a rack to fit them perfectly,” but now “we take our bodies to the tailor instead.”)

(Excerpt: “Imagine if all the books about girls were about sexism. Imagine if female characters were generally there to give the reader a history lesson about suffragettes or a cultural critique about rape. What would that do to a little girl?”)

I love Darling Magazine and Show Hope, so this piece was a lovely find.

Amazing medical breakthrough as seen through a young cancer patient.


(and I’ve got several things in the works, just too many thoughts to make for intelligible writing yet!)


winners and friends

Yesterday was my twenty-first birthday and it was wonderful. Started off with church, during which time we were introduced to the music minister we’ve been praying for for years. Then back home for a light lunch and chatting, hanging out. Then gifts! My family is so sweet and generous. I got several cute outfits, a couple of movies, books and CDs. I also got some cute decorative stuff for my room and…last but not least, a new phone! I was very surprised and happy. After that we had a delicious meal as a family and the traditional chocolate cake with chocolate-pecan frosting. Then we watched My Favorite Wife and photographed the super moon! It was exquisite.

One of the things I enjoyed about this birthday, was seeing who remembered that it was my birthday! I don’t have my birthday on Facebook or anything like that, so it was neat to see who remembered to give me good wishes. I don’t have hard feelings toward those who didn’t wish me a happy birthday…I hardly remember any birthdays outside of my immediate family, but those who did remember made my day extra special.

It is three of those extra special people who are about to receive the three prizes I am giving away. Thanks to everyone who shared about the Legacy House Fundraiser and Give-Away on social media, those who entered by liking the page or donating money. That meant a lot to me and I feel certain your funds and efforts will become a great harvest. And now for the lucky three winners, all special to me!

For the “Family is Forever” poster from I would like to congratulate Cynthia (no last name necessary…she’s my own beautiful mom!) I promise I did not rig this!  The lovely Caitlin Giles!!!

For the “flock together” love bird from Noon Day Collection I’d like to congratulate one of my long-lastingest blog followers, Mr. Gil Rognstad!

And for the copy of Darling Magazine, the lovely Dee Kraft! (And she also happens to be my aunt, but no rigging-I promise!)

Thanks again for the wonderful birthday! Enjoy the prizes!

Everly Pleasant


a birthday legacy (+ an awesome give-away!)

Hello Dears, Guess what? June 23rd is a Sunday, Midsummer Night’s Eve with a full moon. And it also happens to be my 21st birthday. But, as if that wasn’t exciting enough, June 23rd is special in another way. On the 23rd, four young women will be moving to their new home at The Legacy House. The Legacy House is a small home in Austin, Texas for 18-22 year old girls who have aged out of the foster system without being placed in a family. Girls in this situation are very high risk for trafficking, abuse, prostitution, homelessness and general instability.


According to Casey Family Programs & Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, 40% of girls who age out of foster care are pregnant within a year, 25% never receive a diploma or GED. 50% of these kids will be homeless within a year of aging out. The statistics are the same for incarceration.

Kids at Risk Action – Children’s Rights Advocacy Network estimates that a teen girl on the streets will be approached by a “pimp” within 48 hours. The majority of underage prostitutes come from foster care.

Department of Justice, Polaris Project & Kids at Risk Action all confirm that 100,000 children are trafficked in the U.S. every year. 70% of those spent at least some time in the foster system. 29% of children exiting the foster system are on their way to be sexually exploited in someway.

At the sight of these sad statistics, the folks at Legacy House decided to throw a wrench in the system. They decided to make a space for these young women. A space where they can be empowered to build their own legacies and bridge the gap between the foster system and sustainable independence. As their website states:

Legacy House is not a facility, a transitional shelter or group home. We are unique:

  • State-defined foster home
  • Small home environment
  • 1-on-1 individualized care
  • Healthy home modeling
  • Stable home setting
  • Combined parenting and counseling

Another feature I love about Legacy House is the fact that all of the residents participate in running the household. The philosophy is one of empowerment, not an enablement of past needs. I believe that places like Legacy House are much too scarce. There is a definite crack in the system in which so many young men and women slip through. But I also believe that Legacy House is doing things right and actually making a difference, which is why I’d like to invite you to participate. Over the next week, I’m going to be hosting a fundraiser and give-away in honor of the young women at Legacy House! Several of them have Summer birthdays too…these funds could help them celebrate! Here’s what’s up for grabs:


One awesome poster reading “Family Is Forever” from Sevenly!


One iron “Flock Together Love Bird” from Noon Day Collection!


One digital copy of the latest edition of Darling Magazine!

Lest you think your eyes betray you, there are three wonderful gifts being offered this week. I would be very happy to keep any one of them! It is really three different give-aways because three winners will be selected by a random-select feature on the Rafflecopter. That triples your chances of winning something, right?!

 I wanted to offer three “homey” prizes in order to celebrate the fact that four girls will get to call Legacy House “home” by the time this give-away ends. But like I said, as much fun as give-aways are, this is also a fundraiser. Here’s how you enter the give-away and support a beautiful cause at the same time:

1. Go to to make a donation. Give as much as your heart desires! Be sure to leave your name in the comment section and go ahead and add that you’re coming from Clickety-Clack (that will just make things easier later on.) Or enter by liking Legacy House on Facebook! It’s that easy. Of course, doing both would make my birthday even better. :)

2. Come back here between 6/17 and 6/24 and use the handy-dandy Rafflecopter (below) to enter the give-away! You will need to sign in with an email address or through Facebook, but it’s quick and easy! I am going to trust y’all to select the truthful answer. If you have simply “liked” Legacy House on Facebook, you can enter once! If you have given $5, you can enter twice and if you give $15 or more, you’re in for 3 entries! And just look how cute that little birdie is…

3. Spread the word about the fundraiser and give-away on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, the post office-wherever!

4. Wait and see if you’re the lucky winner, to be announced on June 24th!

This is my first time to do anything like this, so I am very excited to see the results. Please consider participating and encouraging your friends and family to do the same.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


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