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posy + thimble

In November, I made the spur of the moment decision to purchase a pair of mice. I’ve always wanted mice…they’re so bookish and classic and cute, and now I have some! Two sisters, Posy (blond) and Thimble (gray.)

Would you like to meet them?


Does that elephant look frightened to you?

Thimby is shy and more difficult to photograph…
And they’re very literary. Of course.
Thanks to Birdie/Fairlight for the photo shoot!

thankful in each season:

971. seeing Samuel turn 13, remembering when he was so little…”my first baby brother”

972. his friends staying and playing and laughing and not being too old for “cops and robbers”

973. the way I never have to question God’s faithfulness, but if I do, He is faithful to answer

974. missions luncheon, discussing adoption and foster care. So neat to see adopted kids connect, adoptive parents meet kindred spirits.

975. Sabrina-just a phone call away

976. Adorable A. teaching me baby sign-language

977. Romans 8

978. Sunday’s sermon: on gratitude

979. flu shots at home

980. M’s commitment to her Compassion child

981. a week of no “out of house” activities

982. just letting go of “lessons” in order to focus on Advent

983. my mom and sisters carrying dinner to heart-aching neighbors

984. Jubilee, admiring the doll she’s not keeping 

985. peanut-butter and honey sandwich on the run

986. sweet text message from the brother-in-law

987. two little mice I bought at the pet store-so cute and sweet!

988. evenings spent in hammocks, reading and rocking under the trees

989. leaves finally falling, even if it is still in the 80’s out there…

990. going to play at Sabrina’s house :)

Hello, I’m an introvert.

I thought my title kind of clever…the idea of an introvert introducing herself with such boldness. It defies the stereotype, but then again-many introverts do.

What we aren’t:

1. Shy

Well, some of us are and some of us are not. It doesn’t really have much to do with introversion. As a child, I was very shy. Now, I can still be shy. I have bouts of shyness depending on my circle and tend to be quiet in large groups (though less and less over the years.) Among friends, I’m talkative. When I tell them that I consider myself and introvert (100%) they are shocked. Being an introvert does not make you shy. My dad is one of the most amiable, friendly people in the world who makes everyone he meets feel at ease. He’s also an introvert who chooses tinkering at Eyrie Park over most anything.

2. Underexposed

We are not introverts because we weren’t put in social situations, we are introverts because of our innate personality. I do not accredit my introversion to being home-schooled or living out in the country. I don’t accredit another person’s extroversion to public education or city-life. I simply do not think that these experiential, circumstantial parts of lives are the root of whether or not we turn out as an introverted or extroverted being. 

3. Hermits

Introverts don’t hate people and actually love their friendships. Introverts, in my experience, tend to have small, close circles of friends. We don’t have large, outer rings of varying levels of friendships and tend to hang-out in casual settings. Introverts can be very hospitable. Likewise, they can enjoy coming over to your house (don’t be afraid to ask us!) or meeting for lunch or coffee. We also enjoy true social situations such as parties, get-togethers, reunions and church events. However, in my experience, we dread the event just before it happens. I am rarely “in the mood” to go anywhere when it is really time to go. Once I get there, I enjoy myself and laugh at my former negativity, but leaving the comfort of one’s home for the unpredictable world at large is often unappealing.

What we are:
Energized by time alone, drained by social interaction.

This is the best way I’ve ever heard it explained and the past few years have proven this evidently in my own life. When I have been around people for a while or even just had one, long conversation with another person, I have a certain kind of tiredness arise inside me that is overwhelming. I am drained, exhausted, used up. I want to go to sleep or watch a silly movie or stare out the window and ponder nothingness. 

Introverts are typically sensitive and become overstimulated by much (or little, depending on the person) conversation, interaction or information.

A bit of advice for introverts:

1. Let yourself wind down.
Just do it. Take a nap. Watch a movie. Stare into space. It’s better to take this time to revamp your mind than to make yourself keep going until you crash. It is not wasted time.

2. Say “no.”
You don’t have to go to everything you’re invited to, even if you technically have time. You don’t have time to kill yourself over birthday parties. People would rather you attend and enjoy or not attend at all. Attending as a zombie, unless it is a Halloween party, rarely adds to the fun.

3. Take information holidays.
Unplug the computer and stop taking so much in. We have access to too much. Try to spend more time reading complete thoughts rather than tweets of information, but do close that thick book from time-to-time too and let your brain breathe. Engage in more one-on-one conversations and letter writing than large-group small talk. Just like eating, watch your diet and be careful of the portions you’re taking in.

Above all, don’t judge. I’m an introvert. What are you?



peeking out

I am still here.

As a matter of fact, I am on my bed, under a pile of blankets. It is somewhat chilly here and I’m having a case of The Saturdays. On Saturdays, I don’t like to leave the comfort of this fluffy pile. As a matter of fact, it rarely seems like a good idea on any morning of the week. 
I like it here.

I’ve felt like this a lot lately…like I don’t want to leave the comfort of my burrow. Even before the temperatures began to drop, I was turning inward. Several social events in a row sent me into an exhausted weekend and then the Internet began to have the same effect on me. I would log on and find myself scrambling to log off, jump under my covers and take a snooze.

What was happening, you might ask? Nothing out of the ordinary. No, I don’t have a disorder and I don’t have a phobia. I’m an introvert.

Something you may not expect is that those social events I mentioned were actually quite enjoyable. I signed up, RSVPd, showed up, stayed late, all because it was something I wanted to do. Nobody made me go. And while I was there, I visited, participated, introduced myself and laughed. I was not frozen with shyness or crippled with fear.

 But the moment I left, the moment my dad pulled up and opened the door and I slid into my shotgun seat, I melted into a puddle of utter exhaustion. I didn’t want to talk or think. I didn’t want to go anywhere for a week. I wanted to hibernate.

And when I would pop open my laptop and accomplish a few things, I would close it and think that I didn’t want to read another article or blog post all Winter. I didn’t want to see another tweet or Facebook status, watch another Youtube video or view another Hipstamatic upload until the wildflowers bloomed. Seriously.

So I hibernated for a while and I’m out again now to stretch my legs (because really-it isn’t all bad) but while I’m here, I wanted to talk about the reason behind my running away. I wanted to tell a bit about what it’s like to be an introvert so that extroverts can understand and my kindred spirits can shake the shame and learn to be comfortable with their personality type.

Because that’s what it is-a personality. A gift from God, woven into your nature. Not an issue, not a disorder, not a result of your upbringing. 

Next up: What I Want You To Know About Being An Introvert + links
(ahem…title pending.)



Autumn begins at Eyrie Park

Not that it feels anything like Autumn. As a matter of fact, it was 99 degrees last I checked. But we still get to do things like buy new books and wear sweatshirts in the air conditioning (or maybe that’s just me…) And we take lots of lots of pictures, because we love our lives. So here are a few for you (which of course, didn’t show up the way I had edited them…please enjoy the originality!) 

 Welcome to Eyrie Park, a busy place in the middle of Texas.
Much of this Summer, leading up to Autumn was spent like this: wedding-planning.
But alas, the day finally came. Sabrina was wed, 9-25-2011. This is the caketopper used by my grandmother, mother and now Sabrina.
Sabrina and Donavan, excited about their marriage license. 
And Sabrina moved out, sending her poodle, Molly, into mourning. They’ll be reunited after the honeymoon. For some reason, Molly is the only one of us that Sabrina is taking along to their new place…humph! (That’s me on the left, by the way.)

It was a hard Summer. A dry, hot Summer full of sad sights.

But we are very thankful for the rain we did get.
It even brought our pond up a little, which we got to enjoy during a “cold spell.”

Sabrina and I at the pond.
I’m planning another photo-post soon with the theme of home-schooling. Stay tuned.


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