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Inspiration, beauty and such -part 2

God’s Gifts.

We’ve all heard them talked about and we’ve all talked about them. “My family, the right to worship, good health,” Are common, correct and wonderful answers. These are special things never, ever to be overlooked. Maybe you’d say “Financial stability” or “A good education.” These too are great. But the bible says:

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variables, neither shadow of turning.”
(James 1:17 kjv)

Every good gift. Every single thing. God created it all. Not just the big things. And therefore, he deserves to be thanked for every good gift. But, before you thank someone for a gift, you must first acknowledge it’s existence. Do you pay attention? Do you seek delight in all the perfect things God has sprinkled on this planet, in your life? Do you thank God for every breath you breath? Do you notice every bird that hatches? Do you really stop and smell the flowers?

No. God’s gifts are too plentiful to completely comprehend and spend time pondering, but we can all do better.

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” (Philippians 4:8 niv)

I am all for thinking. Think! Think! Think! Don’t ever stop…keep your gears turning, but the bible actually states that God wants us to meditate on purity, ponder on excellence.

1. Notice all the good gifts. Maybe you could make a blessings list like I am!
2. Thank God for them all the time. I don’t do this but I am going to work on it and so should you.
3. Ponder on them. Drink up the truth. Think about holiness and chew it like a cow does! Over and over again. ;)


Inspiration, beauty and such part 1

Inspiration is somewhat like an electric shock,

only it feels nice instead of painful. It’s like a surge of energy through your heart. And, like an electric shock, inspiration is nearly always dangerous. Dangerous to one side of the argument but not the other, dangerous to one person’s opinion but not another. Inspiration put into words is almost always anti-something. Today I was inspired and I thank God for that, for sometimes I forget how it works and I think, I’m always home and I’ve seen these trees, these people, these windows so many times. How could I possibly be inspired again?

But I was. Reading is a great part in this. You could never be bored with the library I’ve acumulated or with the wonderful world of the internet. Today, that was where I found it. On the internet, on …the most recent post titled: Seeing along the beam.

Please go and read it. It’s about seeing the beauty in simple, ordinary things and has grand quotations from C.S. Lewis (who is growing like a vine to the top of my author’s list) and Vincent Van Gogh, a brilliant painter.
someone was put on my heart. I walked into the pasture (or as I prefer it called, the meadow) and sat in the grass. I prayed and thought about this person in everything. The wind in the trees sounded like a wave crashing into Galveston Island. Yellow butterflies fluttered above my head and buzzards soared higher (a true Texas experience) and up past even these, a white airplane. And I thought, am I the only one who finds such joy and sees such beauty in these things? I wondered why more people don’t locate a meadow to plop down in to meditate, pray, read. I find beauty in a silver lace strung between two branches created by a graceful arachnid, a kiss blown from a baby, the shadow of an unseen falcon brushing the trees, a melody on piano, a grin, a hug…simple things. Doesn’t anyone see these things? Am I the only one who’s blessed by these things?
Vincent Van Gogh painted a chair. Beauty in a wooden chair. Have you not a chair?
I began a “100 funny things” list on September 26th but soon learned that some of the most hilarious moments or aspects of my life are inside jokes. A new list is now born:
1oo Blessings Counted. A list of precious gifts, things I’ve found beauty in or things I am grateful for.
Au Revoir!
(until part II)
Everly Pleasant

The Billabong

Nearly everyday,
I find some time to sneak off to the pond. It isn’t the biggest pond, nor is it crystal clear or covered with blooming lily pads, but I have grown attached to it. It is full of turtles and minos and Bluegill and tadpoles and frogs and has a quaint looking willow and a lovely stump for sitting on and, most wonderfully, a soothing feeling that comes along with watching the ripples travel across the surface every time a little turtle head pops up or a leaf drops. It’s also in the shade, and anyone who has ever been to The Lone Star State knows what a blessing this is. Anyway, it has become a sort of haven for me. Many times, this is the chosen place for my prayer time. Today, at about four o’clock or so, I grabbed my bible (my little black travel bible is my favorite) and slid out of the house. Once at the pond I had a wonderful time. My conversation with God just went so smoothly…clearer than it had been in a long time. I then began to ponder, just thinking and wondering what The Lord had in mind for my near future and trying to notice any ways that I had overlooked him working in my life. As I did this, a little red ear slider poked up. I smile every time this happens (even if it is frequent) because I think that turtles are so cute…they always have little content smiles themselves. Anyway, I chased it with my eyes as it ducked and bubbled and popped back up again. It was in the reflections of the dark surrounding cedars until it ducked down again and popped up in the reflection of the wispy willow. The willow is not as thick as the cedars so much blue sky was shining between its branches, and when the turtle swam into this brighter reflection, I could no longer see it.
Suddenly, feeling much like a detective, I put this together as an allegory. I realized that I wanted to be just like that pond. I wanted to reflect Jesus so much, so clearly and so brightly that nobody could focus on me. What a godly little turtle that was. ;)


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