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The Lovely List

“I simply remember my favorite things, then I don’t feel so bad…”
Wow, this picture won’t shrink.

The pictures from St. Lucia’s Day haven’t been uploaded yet so until then, following in the footsteps of Rita and Sabrina, I shall post a list of things I like. Number 1 is the first thing that came to my mind, not my greatest joy. Enjoy:

1. Books with lovely covers hidden beyond dust jackets
2. Inspiration Props
3. Sister Meetings
4. St. Lucia donuts
5. My big Brother, little ones too
6. Little sisters and Sabrina Bleu
7. My sister who has a different last name and parents of her own :)
8. Cedars with hawks and owls and fuzzy branches
9. Christmas music
10. Photography
11. Crisp autumn breezes
12. Down comforters
13. Snail mail
14. Pretty words
15. Mommy and Daddy
16. Claire Winters
17. Chocolate milk
18. Daddy’s day off
19. Church services
20. Lace curtains
21. Ballet flats
22. The fireplace
23. Copin
24. Inside jokes
25. Laughing

Blessings counted 1-11

Blessings Counted:
1. A fresh bouquet of white roses on the dinner table
2. The boys including Jubilee in their game of football
3. Brisk walks in crisp weather
4. Words like “brisk” and “crisp”
5. A friendly phone call
6. Snail mail
7. A good old fashioned fried catfish luncheon
8. Dusty (the cat) batting at Francy (the pup)
9. A quick kitchen clean-up
10. Photographic documentations (I love to do these)
11. Willin saying that his skin is “caramel” because God made it that way



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