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Everly Pleasant is:

This is a bit about myself, my family, our beliefs and lifestyle. It is a vain self-interview.
Why the pen name?
Well first of all, a pen name is a disguise and disguises are exciting and good protection from creepy people. Not that I think you are a creepy person, but you could be you know. Secondly, Everly Pleasant was originally the name I was using for the protagonist in a book I was writing. I decided the book stunk but that cute name couldn’t be thrown out along with it. So, here Everly Pleasant was born as the young authoress. Everly somehow sounds kind of like “ever” (as in “always”) and I hope that Clickety-Clack is always a pleasant place that cheers people up, even if I write about serious things. You can’t always be pleasant or well with simple happiness, but with joy you can.
“Remember that happiness is as contagious as gloom.It should be the first duty of those who are happy to let others know of their gladness.”
~Maurice Maeterlinck
When did you start writing?
My sister Sabrina taught me my letters when I was four and I haven’t really stopped since.
I lived next door to my lovely grandmother at that time and when I would go to her house I would sit on her stool by the telephone and write on her tiny sticky notes-whole stories with illustration and all. Nowadays I type but it is still the same basic concept.
Why aren’t you incredibly talented at all that stuff you want to do?
You know, it is funny you should ask because I have been wondering the same thing!
Where did you get all those siblings?
See my mini-autobiography
Let’s talk religion…
Okay, I am a Christian but Christianity isn’t really a religion but more of a spiritual relationship with God. Both of my parents are Christians so I was raised in a Christian atmosphere, I have gone to church all my life and prayed and read my children’s Bible but it is a specific moment for everyone when they accept Christ as their savior and vow to follow him. I prayed this prayer when I was nine. I go to a Southern Baptist church.
How’s school?
School? What school?
You know…high school.
Oooh, that school. Well you see-I don’t go to it.
Does that mean that you’re an uneducated imbecile?
Um, no. I am self-educated, God-educated, Parent-educated, Book-educated and tend to try to learn from anyone and everyone I can. I don’t go to school and school doesn’t come to me. I am unschooled, but contrary to common belief that doesn’t make me any of the following:
1. Uneducated
2. Stupid
3. Lazy
4. Amish
5. Someone with social issues
6. A criminal
Though I am not entirely in denial of some attempts to categorize me as a “nerd” or “hippy.”
So I guess you…like to read, don’t you?
I love to read and I think that it is a shame that most kids hate it so much simply because their schools require stupid books. I also adore writing (obviously) and other creative outlets.
I love learning and, to me this is one of the most natural parts of life. It has nothing to do with sitting at a desk or a grade on the corner of a test. It is the reaping of knowledge which can’t be avoided. For some, like myself, who don’t have a bad taste in their mouth about the word “learning,” it is so appealing that we seek it…on our own. My parents don’t make us read or write or have theological debates. There is no such difference of “school book” and “pleasure reading” in my house. I don’t have a philosopher and anthropologist for older siblings because my parents decided that is what they shall study. They choose to study these things. Everyone studies something. For some it is required school work, for others it is celebrities, for others it is clothes or food or friends. For me and my siblings it is linguistics and Charles Dickens and Socrates and English Literature and Charlotte Bronte and History and Philosophy and, for the littler ones, horses and machines and basic reading and math. I am not saying that we are smarter than everyone else, but that we like to learn.
Wow, okay. Next question: Do you have a boyfriend/significant other?
Nope, and my mama didn’t tell me “you’ve gotta shop around.” (Sorry, minor song reference there…) I am quite certain that I have never met the right fellow for me. When he comes along I’ll let you know.
Oh I see. Does that make you some sort of weird loser or really unattractive?
I don’t believe so…no.
Name ten things that fascinate you…go!
Oh! Okay then…um…
1. God
2. Outer space
3. Nature
4. Anatomy of animals though if you’re wondering if I have ever dissected anything-no. Cut class-not frogs.
5. Polls/surveys etc.
6. Poetry
7. Music!
8. How some people who stink make it big and talented people don’t
9. Two in one: How ignorant “educated” people can be. How much lying we put up with.
10. Two in one: Names and who children look like. It is amazing that God keeps creating new faces and they resemble both of their parents but look unique. That’s so beautiful.
Okay, that was twelve answers.
Technically, yeah.
How many times have you moved?
I think about eight times.
List your 10 best friends:
Okay…this is kind of dumb. Let’s see…
1. Jesus
No-besides him.
Oh. Okay then…
1. Daddy
2. Mommy
3. Joey
Outside your immediate family.
Well! Fine then! In no particular order:
1. Rita (
2. Tessa (
3. David
4. Zayda (
5. Elizabeth
6. Skye
7. Lydia (new friends are great)
8. And it gets really tricky after that…
Okay, fair enough. Name your top ten t.v. shows:
We don’t have any t.v. channels because we decided that it was a waste of money, so we just watch DVDs, but before we chose this and we did watch it a little my favorites were:
1. Even Stevens
2. Get Smart (off air)
3. The Hitchcock Hour (off air)
4. The Emperor’s New School (don’t laugh)
5. Lost (even though it is horribly dumb)
6. Fox News
7. The Cosby Show (yes!)
8. And it gets really tricky after that…
To Possibly Be Continued…

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