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I am so glad to be blogging again. My “Monday posts” aren’t “real posts” and I haven’t written a real post in a long time, it feels. While I was working on the novel, I could think of a million things I wanted to do, one of which was writing-anything other than the novel! However, I was surprised to find that once crossing the finish line, I didn’t want to write anything at all! It has taken me this long to regain “the itch” to write. In the meantime, I’ve read a novel and had some good conversations and sat on the hearth by the fireplace until late at night. It has been a jolly holiday. But now, I have the itch again and am merely waiting on the blogging habit to redevelop.
As far as other writing projects on the horizon, they’re still up in the air. However, I am watching them drift slowly down like snowflakes, some much faster than others.

Needless to say, I’m not the only one to talk about here. Eyrie Park has been lively as usual. Here are a few shots (I’m stealing off of my talented photographer sister‘s camera) of recent events.

My mother, Jubilee, myself, Sabrina and Birdie at Beauty and the Beast, the broadway musical which came to town. This was so much fun!
Francy—perhaps a bit exhausted from our busy Autumn?

Molly, who pretends to be a present under the tree, year after year!

Willin preparing for Christmastime (as we all have been.)
Another example of my younger sister’s talents! This peppermint pie was one of her many recent masterpieces.    
The making of Saint Lucia’s Day doughnuts!    
Jubilee, excitedly sharing about Saint Lucia’s Day at church, was asked if she is Swedish! She answered, “Um, I don’t know if I’m Swedish…but I was born in Haiti!” People are probably going to start thinking that it is a Haitian holiday in the future!  

So if you were wondering, life at Eyrie Park remains…

And sometimes even crazy-good! 

love always,


worked for us (# 2)

Sibling Christmas Gift Exchange
My great grandmother immigrated from Sweden, so for generations, my mother’s side of the family has celebrated Saint Lucia’s Day. Saint Lucia’s Day commemorates the 12 Days of Christmas, and traditionally the eldest daughter gets up early, makes breakfast and serves her family while wearing a wreath of candles around her head. We always make my grandmother’s doughnut recipe together, and yes, Sabrina does wear a wreath! However, the candles are battery powered! These traditions have remained somewhat the same for a long time now, until a couple of years ago when my branch of the family came up with an addition. Since there are eight children in my family (and several of us aren’t really children anymore,) we all exchange Christmas gifts every year, which makes for a lot of gifts going around! On Christmas morning, combined with the gifts from our parents, the “sibling-gifts” would get lost in the chaos. We were all trying to remember who gave us what by that night. That’s why we came up with exchanging all of our gifts at a separate time, and what better time than on Saint Lucia’s Day? This way, we:
1. Have another tradition associated with this holiday which is special to my family
2. We all exchange our gifts during a time when we have time to acknowledge the giver and see what everyone else gave everyone else
3. Get really, really excited for Christmas!
*Sigh,* perhaps this was the least applicable Worked For Us in the series, but I can’t help enjoying being the first blogger to mention Christmas this year!



Eyrie Park: summer’s end

It seems amazing that it is Autumn already, and even more amazing that it is the Autumn of 2010. Autumn, to me, is the beginning of the end of the year. That hardly seems possible! I guess I’ve been having fun, because time has been flying. Strange to think that it was over three years ago when I first wrote to you in September of 2007.

I love to hear from friends! Letters are one of the joys of my life. I adore it when my favorite bloggers offer glimpses into their lives and give a bit of an update, so it is only fair that I do the same on occasion.

We have had quite a few birthday parties as of late. Okay, we always have quite a few birthday parties. I love how my family always comes together to make them special though (even when they’re back-to-back!) As you can see, we do eventually run out of birthday candles…but I repeat: each birthday is special!

Birdie baked and decorated this one…isn’t it precious? And see me? I always have one eye on the cake.

We’ve had a few wonderful chances to visit family. This is my baby cousin, being her amazingly cute self.

And have had friends and family come visit us at Eyrie Park! Last month, we got to see four of our dear friends from Haiti (now living in the states) for the first time since we moved. 

These two (above) have been close for a long time.

 And yes, school has begun. Joey (above) is going to The University of London via correspondence and also taking some classes from Oxford. Sabrina is at our local college getting her basics and looking into culinary academies. I am helping my mom home-school my younger siblings.

Jubilee has begun taking piano lessons! We are very excited about her progress and natural skills. It is so cute watching her “get” something for the first time.

But, you know us…it’s never all school and no fun.
We’ve had a lot of good times too!
And enjoyed many a brilliant southern sunset.



Pleasant Times: things we’ve done together

I thought I’d share some snapshots of things we’ve enjoyed doing together in the past few months. My family and friends are ever-creative in coming up with new ways to spend time together.
Here are some pictures from the wildflower photo shoot. That’s my dad and Birdie.
Here are pictures from Birdie’s birthday party. It was Alice In Wonderland themed:
A tent that Sam, Willin and Jubilee built in the boys’ room.
I’m reading The Very First Easter to Sam, Willin and Jubilee. 
This is a “daisy chain” that Birdie made from onion flowers.
A little “scene” several of us made of pebbles, acorns and twigs. Pictured here: a mighty warrior and a his Rodent of Unusual Size. :)
Playing in the snow!
Sabrina making sushi. Didn’t they turn out cute?
Doing lessons. I don’t recall them looking quite so forlorn as they seem here!
Sanding with Daddy.
Washing toy dishes and plastic “food” in the bathtub.

That’s all for now folks,
Have a blessed day!


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