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swimsuit decision

So ladies, I finally made my decision. The swimsuit in the picture above is the one I chose, ordered and now-received! I am very happy with it. I tried it on, it fit perfectly and I think it also fits all of my criteria. Thanks for all the advice and links! I am glad I put more effort into finding the right swimsuit this year. My Summer will thank me, I know. :)



a question of swimsuits

My family goes to the beach for a week every year, and on top of that, we try to make several visits to a swimming pool during the Summer. Where we live, there are a couple of months during which you can hardly survive being outside of an air-conditioned building without encountering a swimming pool within the hour. Seriously. (kinda.)

So it is reasonable that I own a swimsuit. Preferably more than one. I am still able to use the one I bought last year from Target, but I’d really like to have one more to switch to ever-so-often. The trouble is, I am not about to go buy a bikini…and apparently that’s all stores carry these days. At least in college towns (and I happen to live in one.)

During the Summer, I am sure more swimsuits will cycle through Target and Walmart, but I’d rather have one ahead of time that:
1. I think is cute
2. I think is modest enough
3. I know fits me

So I thought it might be worth the cost of ordering one online, especially since it is early in the season and I still have time to return it if it doesn’t fit well etc. I am not looking for one of these (no offense to the website, I admire their motives,) but some kind of happy medium between that and “Oh my, she forgot to get dressed this morning!” 

I liked a lot of what I saw at Lands’ End,  but they appear to have hardly anything in my size.

Which brings me to the question:
Where do you buy swimsuits?
Have you heard of any online stores that sell appropriate swimwear in all sizes? 

Would you mind leaving a comment? :)



further thoughts on brothers:

Continued from here.
“Uncle, I have discovered what girls are made for,” said Rose, the day after the reconciliation of Archie and the Prince.
“Well, my dear, what is it?” asked Dr. Alec, who was “planking the deck,” as he called his daily promenade up and down the hall.
“To take care of boys,” answered Rose, quite beaming with satisfaction as she spoke.
-Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott

Serve them
In my experience, nothing encourages men so much as seeing a woman honor them with her service. The avoidance of flirtatiousness is no excuse to fail to serve the men in your life. If I were a man, I would be urging my brothers to reach out to young women, but there are lots of ways we can reach out to them. We can all see the differences between a flirtatious woman and a woman with a genuine desire to serve someone. Make that distinction very clear when you serve. I was inspired when I read about a group of men taking time to serve the single women in their church and thought of what a blessing it would be for both parties if the women would do something for the men as well. I haven’t organized something like this in my church, though it might be something worth considering. I have, however, had opportunities to reach out to and serve the men who have been a blessing to me. Nothing makes a daughter swell with pride quite like taking her father’s plate from the table.

What to expect
Christian girls have a terrible time knowing what to expect out of their brothers in Christ. At least I do! We are caught between the good we want to see in them and the truth that we aren’t perfect either. I would encourage you to consider what a man’s perspective on all of this would be. For one thing, valuing purity is arguably, socially more difficult for men. The entire issue of modesty is really a challenge for men, more so than for the women who have to evaluate the way they dress or add a few inches here and there. Not to mention the challenges men face alone in the area of pursuit, courtship and marriage. However, this is not to say that we need to “be easier on the guys.” I think that we should love, honor and esteem our brothers in Christ, but in many respects, I think that we should expect more out of them. If we truly love them, as the Bible says we ought, we should do our best to urge them toward complete and honorable manhood. The worst thing we could do for them would be to send them the message that they are, right now, everything they could ever be. The best way to show them that we expect them to mature and encourage them to do so is to give them something to match up to.

Of apples
Pete Wentz, lead singer for the band Fall Out Boy, has a famous quote:
“Girls are like apples…the best ones are at the top of the trees. The boys don’t want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just get the rotten apples that are on the ground that aren’t as good, but easy. So the apples at the top think there is something wrong with them, when, in reality, they are amazing. They just have to wait for the right boy to come along, the one who’s brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree…”
Now, I’m not in the habit of taking the advice of punk-rockers without a grain of salt, but the point is, if we are down on the ground, the boys will never climb a tree. Face it, you wouldn’t either, would you? Men do, however, have a desire for challenges. I am not saying this merely to promote the game of “hard to get,” but to spur our brothers onto better things (even outside of the type of woman they choose to marry.)
If we treat them with respect, they will in turn honor us. I constantly hear, even from strong Christian women, terrible disrespect for men. They criticize them to no end. Sometimes this seems justifiable, but it is usually very degrading. Men can “get their feelings hurt” and if we hurt their pride, we’re putting them back on square one. They need to be progressing both in maturity and in what they view themselves as. If they are merely our laughingstocks and are constantly bombarded with the idea that the opposite and smarter sex is looking down upon them, they’ll never rise up to be men. Give them a role to fill. Give them work to be done. We cannot and should not “do it all.” Let them open the door for you, carry that box for you. When you act like a lady, that leaves them with one option-to act like a man. And as it turns out, that’s exactly what they want to do! 


there’s outer beauty too, you know!

Today after work, Sabrina and I were walking up to the grocery store to buy a few things for lunch when I caught a glimpse of myself in the window. I marveled at my own outfit, not because it was so cute, but because I looked humorously and definitely “home-schooled”. I was (and still am) wearing a white t-shirt tucked into a long, flowy skirt with little ’90’s style tennis shoes down below.

Now, I hope it isn’t quite so bad as it sounds (because the skirt is really cute, the shoes hot pink and I’m wearing a darling necklace I got as a birthday present,) but it is definitely not a look I want to repeat too often.
However, it made me start thinking about a topic that was brought up in my family a few weeks ago. I’ve seen a trend with girls 16-25 that I don’t quite like. It is this idea that modesty, comfort and workability are the only aspects of choosing ones wardrobe.
I find that when I am surrounded by college girls, I dress “up” more than almost anyone else I see. And I am not talking stiletto heels or formals here, but merely feminine clothing with some ornamental value. Most of the girls I come in contact with, are wearing old jeans or athletic shorts, sweatshirts, graphic t-shirts and cheap flip-flops. 
Now don’t get me wrong, modesty is extremely important and comfort is very desirable as well, but where did this idea come from that Christian girls are to be slobs? Isn’t there a balance between over the top vanity and the roll-out-of-bed look?
We are to be ambassadors of Christ, and if we look unkempt, what are we reflecting? Laziness? Low self-esteem? A lack of discipline? 
They all say that it is “inner beauty that matters” and they are right, but there is outer beauty too, you know! God gave us our bodies, faces, hair, all to glorify Him again. To neglect our selves (our bodies, “sanctuaries,”) is to discredit the gift God has given us.

 To wear clothes that flatter, new things or accessories, does not take away from inner beauty, nor does it discount modesty! Solomon told his bride that he would make her earrings of gold, studded with silver! There is a place for outward adornment and beauty in the things you wear.

Which reminds  me!
Don’t forget to keep following adorable Miss Ashley at Bramblewood Fashion as she continues her Anne of Green Gables Fashion Week!

And you better pop over here too…one of my favorite online haunts!

Everly Pleasant
photo by Birdie of Jubilee :)


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