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just know you’re not alone

If your life is a little messy, a little not-so-instagrammy, a little frazzled and mis-matched, I’d like to quote Phillip Phillips and say, “just know you’re not alone.”


If you woke up thinking it was going to be cold but ended up being bathed in the loveliest shade of sunshine, if you tried a new recipe and ate burgers at the picnic table with your great big family, if your little sister picked up a worn-out tennis racket and started “playing” a song, and you thought about how great it is that we’ve made this place her home, then you’re not alone.


If you spent your week not at all how you thought, splashing with a little beauty queen in her water games, staying home from class with a horrendous headache but finally finding time write back to the pen-pals who have been waiting since October, if you tried to plan a movie night and it broke off into two and they’re on their way over now, then you’re not alone.



Are you having an interesting week? A week which makes you think that blogging will only make people think that you’re weird, that your life doesn’t make any sense? Join the club! And leave a comment. :)



iphone pictures/thankfulness


1,318. a “new” iphone that so kindly sends pictures directly to my computer

1,319. series 2 of Call The Midwife(!!!)

1,320. birthday season and all the joy that comes with it

1,321. another happy Easter


1,322. “ain’t no mountain” duets with Sam after watching Remember the Titans

1,323. “It’s so great to know Jesus.” -Jubilee

1,324. home-made, fair-trade Easter chocolates


1,325. opportunities to share my love of writing

1,326. letters from overseas

1,327. successful driving adventures!

1,328. wigwams in the backyard


1,329. bluebonnets, blessed bluebonnets!


1,330. a walk with Sabrina and Birdie and the pups on Easter Sunday


What are YOU thankful for?




would wyeth

Don’t normally partake in poetry, don’t know much about how poetry is “supposed” to work, but these thoughts came out this-a-way, so enjoy..!




must be the strangest word in the English language

meaning nothing.

nothing that ever actually happens

something that could have

but did not.

would is regrets.

would is a dream.

would is not there

even when we wish for it.

not the kind of wood

you knock on

or build with

or chop and burn.

but the thing you wanted to happen

but was was built up

and chopped down

and burned.

I would have

but I didn’t.

I would

if only.

what would you do

if your woulds





friends tell friends about books

I could keep it a secret, but that’s not what good friends do.

For Christmas, my mom got me a copy of Rumors of Water by L. L. Barkat. I thought I kind of knew what it was, having read an excerpt of it last year (and printed it and put it in my writer’s binder) so I shelved it for the time being and delved into Art and the Bible by Francis Shaeffer and The Private Life of Tasha Tudor before ever giving it much thought.

Two nights ago, I randomly picked it off my shelf and began to read. Today, I finished reading (and highlighting) it. It was really great.

It is subtitled “thoughts on creativity and writing” and that’s accurate, but inadequate. It is equally entertaining and inspiring. Barkat’s voice is subtle, making her words seem effortless (though I know she takes her craft seriously.)

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know. Five stars!



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