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My First Entry

Hello Readers (if you exsist),
This is my first entry and it shall be somewhat brief. Firstly, thank you dearly for reading this.
Please enjoy my further postings! They are on their way. On this blog I will ramble about random things that are on my mind or happening in my life, but I don’t think it will be unbarably boring, so stay connected.
You know little about me so I will go ahead and say a couple of things:

1. I am a highschool student by age but don’t go to school. I am self-educated at home (commonly known as homeschooled or unschooled.)

2. I have four sisters and three brothers. Four of my siblings were adopted from Haiti just over a year ago. The ages of my siblings range from four to twenty-one. I love them all. :)

3. My life is dedicated to Jesus Christ…therefore so is my writing

4. As I said-I am a writer…so read on!

5. Oh! And you can call me Everly Pleasant

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