I'm Everly

I am just a girl, growing up into her twenties under the sprawling oaks of Texas in a place called Eyrie Park. I live here with my parents and five of my seven eight siblings. Four of my siblings were adopted from Haiti after a 3-year battle. Our newest edition, Dorothy, finally came home from Latvia in September, 2014!

When I’m not writing or playing mommy, I love to read and think and sing and doodle. I try every day to keep Christ at the center and make my family my second-most priority. After that comes friendship, including never-met-but-well-loved penpals. Snail mail is tops. My interests and passions include scripture, adoption, education, women’s rights, social issues and the preservation of home and family. My dreams include raising a brood of my own in a big farm house with handsome husband, writing and illustrating children’s books and driving a red convertible. The color is non-negotiable.

I write about adoption at pineapplesiblings.com 

You can also find me sporadically at kindredgrace.com, and even more sporadically at:





proverbs31 magazine

and other places around the web.

I am also a communication guru, so please-let’s get in touch! Choose any ol’ way:

1.) comment on everlypleasant.com

2.) email me at everlypleasant@gmail.com or

3.) meet me at Facebook!

4.) follow me ( @everlypleasant ) on Twitter

5.) follow me on instagram (username: everlypleasant)

6.) or best of all, come to Eyrie Park. It’s a old, brown house surrounded by trees…come have a glass of iced tea and we’ll talk…

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